December 29, 2008

NYR: lac d. su

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In his last post, MS wondered if there would be more new year’s posts. Will there ever!!!

The below answers come from Lac D. Su, author of I Love Yous Are For White People, a true story of heartbreak, culture clash, and survival on the streets of Los Angeles, on sale this May.

What was the best book of the year?

Sadly, I was too busy writing my memoir I Love Yous Are For White People this year and I didn’t read a single book.

What was the best movie?

“Forgetting Sarah Marshall” starring Kristen Bell, Jason Segel, and Jonah Hill. It’s the only movie I saw this year. I haven’t been to the theatre in eight years. Sad.

What was the best song/album?

“Lay it Down” by Al Green. I missed Al and am happy he came back with this track. Legends never lose their strut.

Favorite Blog?

The Olive Reader, of course. (note: we did not pay him to say that.)

Who was the person of the year?

Barack Obama.

What is your New Year’s resolution?

To cut down on chewing so many damn pieces of Nicorette gum. I hopped on the gum to quit smoking, but now I’m hooked on the gum. Though, my jaw is now as strong as an ox.

** Bonus question: Where do you see the world going in 2009?

In the book world, I see original paperback becoming the new hard cover. It’s cheap and convenient. People are broke these days. We can’t afford the Kindle. Some hardcovers cost as much as a tank of gas. Audio books even cost a grip. My memoir, I Love Yous Are For White People, is a measly $10.19 on Amazon. That’s perfect under the economic circumstances.


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