October 30, 2009

since the nyc marathon is on sunday . . .

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We here at Harper Perennial have a friend: Baker. Baker began as a friend of our art director Robin, and now he’s practically part of the team. He even comes to events! But while Baker loves us and our books, what he loves more is running. As he says when asked why he runs, and why he started his site, Beyond Defeat:

“I was inspired watching the 2007 NYC Marathon from a non-runner perspective. It was at that moment I decided to set out to conquer a marathon. After competing in the 2008 NYC Marathon I became hooked on running. I started running every race I could enter, getting better at each time. With each race I had funny stories, wether they were related to my activities the night prior, or directly after the race. Friends started becoming interested, so I thought to start putting them online for all to read. Now they serve a few different functions. Although many can be humorous, I like to try and use these running stories to inspire others.”

So, in honor of this weekend’s marathon, we’re paying tribute to our own favorite runner. Baker, we love you!