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August 2008

new on OliveTV

Dennis Cooper talks about writing theater vs. books

Simon Van Booy wants to be a garden gnome (it’s sweeter than it sounds), among other things

August 2010

all hail simon van booy! (and win books)

It’s no secret that here at Harper Perennial we heart Simon Van Booy.


He brings us cakes and cookies, he writes beautiful short stories, and now (or, well, tomorrow when they go on sale) he’s brought us three great collections of philosophy: Why We Need Love, Why We Fight, and Why Our Decisions Don’t Matter.




In these books, Simon collects and contextualizes writings from Sophocles, Tacitus, Pieter Bruegel the Elder, William Shakespeare, Emily Brontë, Abraham Lincoln, Charles Dickens, Victor Hugo, Walt Whitman, Friedrich Nietzsche, Oscar Wilde, James Tissot, James Joyce, General George Patton, and others on each of these perennial questions. Sidik at Corner Boy Jazz called them “the perfect companion for that cocktail party brush-up“, and The Economist’s blog said they were “three smartly designed paperbacks address their themes directly and read, as a result, like books made up of the good parts of other books. They’re the paper equivalent of online aggregators: pre-selected and ready to be absorbed as efficiently as possible.”

And I’m giving away a set of them! To win, just comment below and give me your answer to one of the title questions (briefly, please!) in the next week.

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