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May 2010

fit us into your BEA schedule!

If Twitter is any indication, it seems like people’s BEA schedules are filling up pretty fast. Of course, we want you to leave time to come to our author signings and visit us in our booth (3340-3341). One of our big focuses this year is the anniversary of To Kill a Mockingbird, and we’ll even have a special booth (3359) where you can come and record video testimonials about the book. (If I record one, should I mention that I hated it when I first read it, and only came to love it when I re-read years later? Maybe not.)

So here’s our schedule! Come visit us!

(note: some of these are Harper Perennial authors, while some are from our sister paperback imprints of Harper Paperbacks and Avon. All are awesome. All signings also last 30 min.)


10:00 AM

Panel featuring Book Club Girl—more info TK!

Lindsey Kelk signing I Heart New York at Table 29
Tony O’Neill signing Sick City at Table 30 (please note that Tony currently has a crazy moustache and always has a crazy accent)

10:30 AM
Susan Henderson (of Lit Park!) signing Up from the Blue at Table 29
Rachel Shukert signing Everything is Going to be Great at Table 30

2:30 PM
Lauren Oliver, signing Delirium and Before I Fall at Table 30 (Lauren is a YA author, and we love her)

3:00 PM
Sean Ferrell signing Numb at Table 7

free alcohol alert!
3:00 PM – 4:00 PM To Kill a Mockingbird 50th Anniversary Celebration: Champagne Toast with house authors in booth #3359*

3:30 PM
Justin Taylor signing Everything Here is the Best Thing Ever at Table 7 (Justin will also be presenting at the 7×20×21 event on Tuesday)
Simon Van Booy signing Love Begins in Winter at Table 10 (Simon will be dressed fabulously)

4:00 PM
Aidan D. Rowley signing Life After Yes at Table 10


10:00 AM
Evan Mandery signing First Contact at Table 16

10:30 AM
Ben Greenman signing What He’s Poised to Do at Table 16
Ariel Leve signing It Could be Worse, You Could Be Me at Table 2

11:30 AM
Alix Strauss signing Based Upon Availability at Table 16

12:00 PM
Jo “Boobs” Weldon signing The Burlesque Handbook at Table 16

1:00 PM
Marcy Dermansky signing Bad Marie at Table 17

2:00 PM
Adriana Trigiani signing Brava Valentine at Table 16
M.L. Malcolm signing Heart of Lies at Table 17

3:00 PM
Jennifer McMahon signing Dismantled at Table 30

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