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July 2010

reading out of your comfort zone

If you look at my to-be-read pile (my personal to-be-read pile, not my work to-be-read pile), you’ll see some themes emerge. I love two types of books more than any other: coming-of-age novels and literary thrillers, with short story collections coming in a close third and family dramas right behind them. These are the books I’m drawn to, so they take up the most real estate. My work TBR pile, of course, is not dictated merely by my whims but also by what I’m working on. I don’t read every book we publish, but I’d say I read almost all of our trade paperback originals—which are often short story collections and coming-of-age novels and family dramas. I’m not complaining, but I don’t always get the chance to read outside my comfort zone.

As readers, we fall into patterns that are hard to shake off. Do you ever read outside your comfort zone? If you’re into historical fiction, when was the last time you picked up sci-fi? And if you love mysteries, have you ever dipped into short stories? And more importantly, what are the best books to read in a given genre if you’re not usually into it? For example, I’d never really read any dystopian lit before, but I loved Laura Kasischke’s In a Perfect World when I read it. And when it comes to coming-of-age, I will pimp Bryan Charles’ Grab Onto Me Tightly As If I Knew the Way until the end of time. (All you fans of Peter Bognanni’s House of Tomorrow would love that one, I swear.)

Tell me what book you’d recommend from your favorite genres in the comments! Help me add to my already towering TBR pile!

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