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November 2008

all I want for christmas (or hanukkah. or winter solstice.)

One of my old roommates had a great system set up with his parents for birthday and Christmas presents. He would provide them with a wish list of items ranging in price, noting where they could purchase each thing. Each year, they would get him EXACTLY what was on his list. To someone who grew up getting slightly different variations on her requests every year, it was a miracle. Even if I asked for specific books, I still wouldn’t get them. But maybe if IndieBound‘s new wish list feature had been around, I would have. It works just like an amazon wish list, except there are helpful links on the side to your favorite indie bookstores, and you can send your wish list to parents, spouses, or friends with the click of a button. And aside from a weird glitch where I couldn’t add Stewart O’Nan’s Last Night at the Lobster to my list no matter how hard I tried (I’m a sucker for literature featuring Red Lobster), it works perfectly. You’ve got to sign up for the site, but it’s totally free and you should do it anyway to support independent bookstores. Go to it!

why give books this holiday season?

In my family, we don’t give holiday presents. Both my sister and I have January birthdays, and our extended family is quite small, so we long ago decided to forgo the holiday presents and save money for birthdays. Each year, the only holiday present I buy is for my office Secret Santa. But, unlike me, you’re probably not a grinch, and so you’re probably gearing up to buy loads of presents very soon. May I (and many other bloggers) suggest buying books for the holidays? Buy Books for the Holidays is a great site supporting that very idea, with suggestions for all types of readers. After all, books are fairly inexpensive, allow you to support your local independent retailers if that’s what you’re into, and are easy to wrap. Plus, to answer the question “why books?”, check out this cool banner that I grabbed from the IndieBound site.


Very true.

December 2008

secret santa (or, if you prefer, secret hanukah harry)

Harper Perennial author Dennis Cooper recently tipped us off to this great lit blog, HTML Giant. At the same time, I had heard about their First Annual Secret Santa Gift Exchange to Support Independent Literature. It works like how you would expect a Secret Santa exchange to work: you email your name and address to HTML Giant, they send you back the name and address of your gift recipient, you buy them something related to independent literature. I’m about to sign up and I already know what I’m going to get whoever my giftee is. You should sign up too, because then you might get my awesome gift. You have until midnight on Friday, December 5th.

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