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May 2010

everyone has a LOST theory . . . even here at harper perennial

In celebration of the LOST finale, we have a guest post from our awesomely creative art director, Robin Bilardello. I haven’t seen any of this season, so I can’t comment, but you can rest assured that Robin is a very devoted fan.

The world is preparing for the end this weekend. The end of ABC’s LOST, the
greatest show of all time.

Throughout all six seasons Lost has introduced us to a new television
watching experience. Between DVR, rewatches on ABC.com & iTunes, webisodes,
on-line discussion boards, Lostpedia, phone numbers to call or text to
retrieve an easter egg, interactive Oceanic.com, and tons of other treats to
become part of the scavenger hunt to find out WHY. We have them, but our
buddies from Oceanic flight 815 do not. Most of them don’t have a change of
underwear because they are trapped on an island far, far away from cell
towers and fiber optics. Dharma doesn’t know Google. And either does smokie.
(even though at one point back there I swore he represented The Internet)
Our dearest candidates do have books however, and so do The Others and
everyone else on The Island.

The Numbers, Kate, Jack, polar bears, Dharma, and smokie aside, this show is
deeply layered in literary reference, enough that I would bet librarians
aware of the show are in all of their glory. Books appear everywhere from
show titles and songs to storylines and hiding spots for keys, books are
boss and there’s not a kindle in site. We are talking paperbacks baby. Paper
and glue, no batteries needed. If performance and production are the two
parts hydrogen then books are the oxygen in the water droplet that is Lost.

The peeps over at Lostpedia have got their stuff together. They have a page
listing all 70+ titles in the show, where the books are seen or referenced
AND post snapshots of the book covers to add to the amazingness:

They also have a discussion board forum called Lost Book Club where the
posts are labeled by title, which is great if you only want to explore the
similarities between Billy Pilgrim and Desmond Hume:

Last week the LA Times posted an article about how books are heavily
integrated in the themes and scenes of Lost and how the producers are book
lovers themselves:

Google lists a variety of Mom & Pop Lostie book clubs, but this guy’s really
good, he breaks it down by season:

One thing everyone agrees on, Sawyer is friggin HOT. That being said,
anything he does is badass and everything he reads is cool. He is the most
avid reader on the show and went as far as having ‘doc’ whip him up a pair
of glasses so he could keep up with his daily reading. All of the Losties do
a great job of keeping up on their to-read lists and showing off their books
to us sitting on the edge of our couched with DVR remote in hand for instant
rewind (or fast forward during the time wasting commercials). Maybe the show
will end with great redemption for all, maybe it won’t, but if anything I
think the show sent some reluctants into bookstores, libraries or to amazon
in search of clues hidden within books. Thanks Lost for making books trendy
but unlike Billy Pilgrim books are not unstuck in time, they are timeless.

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