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October 2008

in which people say nice things about us

After some intense last-minute wrangling and BlackBerrying (including our editorial director CM saving the day at the last minute like the book publishing version of MacGyver), our summer 2009 seasonal catalog has finally been put to bed. Now I finally have five minutes to spend on the internet again, starting with The Book Design Review, which recently praised our new olive editions. The olive editions are “sturdy little volumes that retail for $10,” and the cover designs (by Milan Bozic) are some of my favorites. They’re also featured in an ad in this week’s issue of The L magazine, available here in New York City. This ad prominently displays the (clothed) backsides of two beloved Harper Perennial employees, so check it out.




I swear, we don’t make videos like this every day


That would be our newly released Olive Editions of The Mysteries of Pittsburgh, The Unbearable Lightness of Being, and Everything is Illuminated. Those of you in New York City should check out our full-page ad promoting both the Olive Editions and our own assets in this week’s issue of The L Magazine. Those of you not in New York City, or those of you who want to know what goes on inside the Harper Perennial secret headquarters, should check out this behind-the-scenes video:

Eagle-eyed viewers may spot me, MS, CS, cover designer MB, marketing master SS, and editorial mavens BH and JP. Ahh, if only every event in our sixth-floor conference room was this fun . . .

November 2008

more awesome praise for the olive editions

I’ve written before about the book cover criticism website run by Fwis, a graphic design group. The people behind Fwis also blog at PublishersWeekly.com. In their latest post, they praise our olive editions, designed by the awesome Milan Bozic. Calling them “whimsical,” “personal and sincere,” and “fresh, but grounded,” the post also calls the olive editions “a good example of an attempt to use design to define a book, author or series as a classic.” Go us!

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