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November 2009

A guest post from StephAnie MeyerS, our own vampire expert

Here at Harper Perennial we sometimes get mail for this lady, Stephenie Meyer, who you may know as the author of the Twilight saga.


We’re not Stephenie’s publisher (sadly), so why on earth does this happen? Well, it’s because of this awesome chick.


She’s one of our editors, and her name is Stephanie Meyers. So in honor of today’s opening of New Moon, the Olive Reader is delighted to bring you a different perspective on the Twilight saga—that of someone for whom it is often inconvenient and downright annoying, especially since she’s not so much of a Bella-and-Edward fan herself.

“My name is Stephanie Meyers. No, not that one. You might notice the difference in spelling (StephAnie MeyerS)—or you might be like the dozens of people following me on Twitter who don’t pay attention to such small details. More people get confused by this than you’d think, especially because I work in book publishing. I regularly get her fan mail, although she isn’t a HarperCollins author. Once, a particularly industrious fan actually called me, and was intensely excited for about 10 seconds when I said, yes, I’m Stephanie Meyers—oh, wait. No, not that one.

To be fair, this isn’t the worst name-doppelganger out there. It’s not like Monica Lewinsky or Spencer Pratt. Still, it does mean that I have to talk about the other Stephenie. A lot. A LOT. I wouldn’t mind so much if I, like many of my friends, were obsessed with Twilight. But my heart has long belonged to a different fanged, immortal, delicious creature of the night: Angel.

Yes, I am a hardcore Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan. I’m not officially admitting anything, but it’s possible that I own every DVD and know every single word to the musical episode. I might have once watched the entire series in only four months, which might have caused me to say at least once in every conversation, “This reminds me of that Buffy episode where…” But—and this is important, Twilight fans—that’s only possible because there IS a Buffy episode that speaks to every moment in life. Every single sad, joyful, terrifying, awkward, in-love-with-a-demon, about-to-be-sucked-into-a-Hellmouth moment you can imagine.

Not to knock the other Stephenie, but so much more happens in one episode of Buffy than in 100 pages of Twilight. Buffy is exciting! It’s funny! Its heroine kicks ass instead of tripping on herself. The dialogue is amazing because Joss Whedon is a genius. (And it’s also against pre-marital sex, although a little more entertainingly, if that’s your thing.)

So, for those of you convinced that Bella and Edward are the greatest human-vampire love story of our time, I challenge you. Watch Seasons 2 and 3 of Buffy. Then, once you’ve pulled yourself together from the most intense and wonderful 1,980 minutes of your life, you can thank me with some fan mail of my own, addressed to this Stephanie Meyers—not that one.

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