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July 2008

All your cool t-shirts, all in one place

Just heard about a great site called Rumplo. It’s a t-shirt aggregator, gathering all the most awesome t-shirts for sale on the internet in one place. After you view a shirt, you can click through to buy it on its hosted site (threadless, etsy, etc.). The literary shirt at left is available here, but might I also suggest Mack Hated Mondays or Knives?

October 2008

squidfire sale!

In celebration of its fourth anniversary, Baltimore-based Squidfire is having a sale. All adult T-shirts, hoodies, and messenger bags are $5 off. So if you’ve ever wanted a t-shirt featuring a squid or a hoodie with the abominable snowman, now’s the time. Here are the two guys behind Squidfire, Jean-Baptiste Regnard and Kevin Sherry, modeling their creations to give you an idea of the kind of stuff they have, as well as their general awesome sensibility:


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