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September 2008

inside tish cohen’s inside out girl

Lit Soup is a cool blog run by agent Jenny Rappaport of the L. Perkins Agency. In the latest edition of her column “Book Block,” she’s featuring Inside Out Girl, out recently from Harper Perennial. You can read about Tish’s inspiration (she met a young girl with NLD, an Asperger’s-like disorder that the main character in IOG suffers from), and do check out the rest of Jenny’s blog as well.

June 2010

recommended summer reads: the truth about delilah blue + a chance to win!

Hey, guess what? I’ve decided it’s recommended summer reading this week on the olive reader! Each day this week I’ll post about a different book I’d take to the beach this summer, if I hadn’t already read them all. Yesterday I talked about Katrina Kittle’s The Blessings of the Animals. One reason that book was a slam dunk for me was the “animals” part—I love them (and don’t even talk to me about animals with jobs, because I’ll start to cry.) Today I’m covering another genre that’s often a guaranteed hit for me—coming of age novels.

Today’s book is The Truth About Delilah Blue by Tish Cohen.


(love that cover.)

Delilah is just out of high school, living with her dad in LA, wishing he would let her go to art school. To try and absorb some artistic instruction, she starts working as a nude model at some local art classes, even though she’s not exactly thrilled to take her clothes off. Still, things are going relatively well in her life . . . until her dad starts losing his mind, and her long-lost mom shows up with a terrible secret about him that Delilah can’t decide whether or not to believe.

It’s a novel that makes you want to take sides between Delilah’s parents, but to me the best thing about it was the realization that both of them screwed up, and screwed her up, more than they ever intended. She has to learn to grow up in spite of them, not with their help.

I loved this novel, and I hope you will too! That’s why I’m giving away five copies. Just comment and tell me the best or worst thing your parents did or are doing to help you grow up and fend for yourself in the world.

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