September 19, 2008

the books every man/woman should read

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Esquire posted a list of 75 books every man should read. Though it says right up front that the list is “unranked, incomplete, [and] utterly biased,” still took issue with the fact that there are just four non-white men and just one woman on the list. They’ve posted their own list, starting with 20 books and leaving the other 55 up for debate in the comments.

Love the fact that the Esquire list has pithy little descriptions (well, if pithy is the right word. The one for Grapes of Wrath is “because it’s all about the titty,” but some of the others are great), love that Jezebel is asking for readers’ input. How many have you read?

(For me, it’s seven of the Esquire list, with having read short stories from five more, and having tried to read two more and given up, and seven of the Jezebel list, with having read short stories from one more. Funny that it’s the same number on both.)