March 25, 2010

we love leo tolstoy, even if russia does not

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There’s an article in the Telegraph today about how Russia is ignoring Leo Tolstoy’s literary legacy. Apparently, as we approach the centenary of his death, there’s no plans to officially mark the occasion in Russia, and a new film version of Anna Karenina has failed to find a distributor, with its director being told “none of the young people that go to the cinema now know who Anna Karenina is.”

But here at Harper Perennial, the last thing we’d do is ignore Leo Tolstoy. We’ve already got Family Happiness, a collection of his short stories:


with more Tolstoy in the pipeline for next year. Plus, for another perspective on the great writer, we’ve got The Diaries of Sofia Tolstoy, out this fall.

We’re doing our part to make sure the young people of America that go to the cinema know who Leo Tolstoy is.